Blog Challenge Day 4: Four Guilty Pleasures

  1. Anything and EVERYTHING Pokemon. I’ve been secretly obsessed with the Pokemon games that came out throughout my childhood and have literally played ALL OF THEM. Now that I’m 24, it’s a tad embarrassing to admit, but whatever. Screw them hater paters.

  2. Avril Lavigne. I’ve been listening to her music since her first album came out when I was 9.  Well, honestly… I think I have a pretty big guilty pleasure for pop music in general. Not very many people would expect that from me, but I have a wide range of taste when it comes to music.

  3. Poutine. It’s so not healthy for me, but why does it have to be so dang goooooood?!?

  4. Reality TV Shows. I know it sounds really bad, but there is something pretty comforting about watching how insane those lives on TV can be. It makes me appreciate my drama-less life even more. 


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