Tomorrow is my second shift at my new job at Dollarama. 

My first shift was on Friday and the entire eight hours went so smoothly. It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually enjoyed being at work. This new place fills me with so much excitement and yearn to learn (LOL). I only have a short five hour shift tomorrow evening so that will fly by like nothing.

Morgan and I took a lil’ road trip to this dispensary that’s about a 45 minute drive away from the city we live in. Both of us were in the mood for some nice (and CHEAP) edibles so we figured “why not?”. We bought a bag of THC infused BBQ chips, a peanut butter cookie each and three pre-rolled doobies and we tore into the chips immediately after leaving the dispensary.

Now, we’re at home and I’ve got a nice lil’ buzz going on. Ah, 2018 just keeps getting better and better. 

<3~Happy toking~<3


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