Hello, Sunday…

Just getting off work from Petro-Can. Now, I have the rest of this fabulous, sunshiny day to myself! And, bonus that it’s also my Friday from that place!

I work tomorrow morning at my new job, but it doesn’t feel anything like the work I’m used to. I actually get excited to wake up and go there.. unlike Petro-Can, where all I feel is pure dread. It doesn’t feel right slinging smokes all day long, when I’m a vaper and work at a vape shop. I don’t want to encourage cigarettes anymore in any way. I want to HELP people quit smoking and see them happier and healthier.

Tomorrow, is the start of my second week of training at the vape shop! I work for a full 8 hours on both Monday and Tuesday! I’m excited to have much more time to learn and observe all of the ins and outs of that shop. I really want to impress my bosses. I really want everyone there to like me and to keep me around. I feel like I fit in there a lot more than I’ve ever been able to fit in anywhere. This is my DREAM.


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