Paired my morning coffee with the Cubano disposable “Stig” pod and it was GLORIOUS. Definitely an excellent alternative to what I used to pair it with, that’s for sure! I can honestly say, I do not miss cigarettes. Not. At. All.


I had my first full, 8 hour shift today at the vape shop! I shadowed the three other girls and just observed how they interacted with customers (as advised by bossman, hahaha). I also grabbed juices and coils and assisted in any way I could without getting in the way. I really hope tomorrow is as successful as today was; I really don’t want to be a disappointment.

I had to replace the pod of my Nord today. I noticed, when checking to see how much juice I had left, a giant crack in the middle, close to the mouthpiece. What a bummer. Explains why I had some leakage problems over the weekend! Oh well, it’s all resolved now and I’m back to a clean, leak-less Nord. 

Sidebar; I geeked out a bit and have started a list of Nic Salt juices that I want to  try! Work (of course) and Instagram have been my main sources of inspiration. I’m suuuper curious about trying Pachamama Honeydew Salt. I’m really liking the melon and milk combo in juices, but it is SO HARD to find. GRRR.


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