Blog Challenge Day Ten: 10 things about yourself.

  1. I’m a 24 year old, British Columbia born, stoner chick.
  2. I smoke ALOOOOOOOOOT of weed.
  3. My favorite colors are yellow, purple and royal blue.
  4. I have a six year old Norwegian Forest Cat and his name is Cheeko (AKA Cheekers, Cheeks, Sneeks, Squeaks).
  5. I have an impeccable memory. Sometimes it’s a cure more than a blessing.
  6. I have a sister who is 10 years older than me and then one that is 15 years older. Their names are Ashley (34) and Stacey (39).
  7. I’m TERRIFIED of clowns.
  8. I’m named after an album by the musician, Steely Dan.
  9. I’m super empathetic.
  10. I taught myself how to skateboard and I taught myself to ride “goofy”.

Tomorrow is my second shift at my new job at Dollarama. 

My first shift was on Friday and the entire eight hours went so smoothly. It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually enjoyed being at work. This new place fills me with so much excitement and yearn to learn (LOL). I only have a short five hour shift tomorrow evening so that will fly by like nothing.

Morgan and I took a lil’ road trip to this dispensary that’s about a 45 minute drive away from the city we live in. Both of us were in the mood for some nice (and CHEAP) edibles so we figured “why not?”. We bought a bag of THC infused BBQ chips, a peanut butter cookie each and three pre-rolled doobies and we tore into the chips immediately after leaving the dispensary.

Now, we’re at home and I’ve got a nice lil’ buzz going on. Ah, 2018 just keeps getting better and better. 

<3~Happy toking~<3

Blog Challenge Day Six: 6 ways to win your heart

  1. Compassion for people and animals. Don’t judge based on appearance.

  2.  Love metal music and be open minded to listening to new things.

  3. Be loving and affectionate.

  4. Be smart and carry a real conversation.

  5. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself.

  6. Think positively.

The man I’m gonna marry one day is every single one of these things. I love you so much, Morgan Phillip Summerskill. ❤

Blog Challenge Day Five: 5 Turn offs

  1. Aggressively obnoxious people; the kind of person that has to be loud and the center of attention all the time. They frickin’ drain my energy like none other.
  2. Hater pater’s hatin’ on the weed lifestyle. Just because it’s not for you, doesn’t mean it gives you the right to trash talk potheads.
  3. Master manipulators. They tend to find a way to sneak into your life and make you believe they mean the best intentions (THEY DON’T)
  4. Bad hygiene. DUH!
  5. The lack of knowledge of the difference between “to, too, two” and “there,their,they’re”.

Blog Challenge Day 4: Four Guilty Pleasures

  1. Anything and EVERYTHING Pokemon. I’ve been secretly obsessed with the Pokemon games that came out throughout my childhood and have literally played ALL OF THEM. Now that I’m 24, it’s a tad embarrassing to admit, but whatever. Screw them hater paters.

  2. Avril Lavigne. I’ve been listening to her music since her first album came out when I was 9.  Well, honestly… I think I have a pretty big guilty pleasure for pop music in general. Not very many people would expect that from me, but I have a wide range of taste when it comes to music.

  3. Poutine. It’s so not healthy for me, but why does it have to be so dang goooooood?!?

  4. Reality TV Shows. I know it sounds really bad, but there is something pretty comforting about watching how insane those lives on TV can be. It makes me appreciate my drama-less life even more.